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Dear Gabby

Jun 6, 2022

My EMDR therapist Tammy Valicenti is with me on today’s episode of the Dear Gabby podcast! What’s EMDR? Just press play!  I wanted Tammy to demystify the profound healing tool that has changed my life—and she delivered! Listen in and learn how EMDR can bring major relief to your body and mind … and even help you manifest. Plus, where to find an EMDR therapist near you.

The following are helpful resources and books I mention within the episode: 

In my book Happy Days: The Guided Path from Trauma to Profound Freedom and Inner Peace, I share more about my journey with EMDR therapy. I also provide candid details on the other tools—both spiritual and therapeutic—that helped me recover from trauma. Today, my life is a happy dream. And if I can reach this place, so can you. I’d be honored to guide you down the path to profound freedom and inner peace. And if you’ve already read the book, please leave a review! I’d love to hear your honest thoughts.

If you feel that you need more support, please refer to this list of mental health resources. It includes a link to the EMDR International Association Page, so you can find an EMDR therapist near you.

Want even more support? I created the Miracle Membership to help you design a spiritual practice you can stick to—so you can feel connected, supported and inspired every day. Each week I deliver brand new workshops, guided meditations, community connection, and so much more. Plus, it’s easy to access on your phone, computer or tablet. Click here to join.

Want to hear my EMDR playlist? Cue it up here! You can use this music to help you meditate and to help you manifest. 

This podcast is intended to educate, inspire and support you on your personal journey towards inner peace. I am not a psychologist or a medical doctor and do not offer any professional health or medical advice. If you are suffering from any psychological  or medical conditions, please seek help from a qualified health professional.


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